June 21st - 23rd - Comedy Crash Course
June 21st - 23rd - Comedy Crash Course
June 21st - 23rd - Comedy Crash Course

June 21st - 23rd - Comedy Crash Course

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Learn the art of standup comedy in a weekend

Professional comedian Aidan Killian has helped over a thousand people to stage with his fun (and intensive) weekend course, Comedy Crash Course, and he now brings it to Singapore! He started as an investment banker, but followed his passion for stage in 2008, and since then has done 7 one-man shows at the Edinburgh fringe Festival.
He has learned that most people are afraid of public speaking but once you can do stand up comedy once then you can embody the timing, comedy structure and stage presence that makes you a more powerful communicator. So whether you are a banker, lawyer, baker actress or a student, this course will share with you life-enhancing skills and have a positive impact in all areas of your life.
You will learn presentation skills basic storytelling, stage presence, timing, movement, facial expression, basic improvisation, over come your nerves, and HOW TO BE FUNNY. At the end of the course you will do stand up comedy in front of a live audience.
In Aidan's own words, "Everyone should do stand up comedy at east once in their life. It's the The bunny jump of self-improvement and you can bring more laughter to the world. "
The course will be 5:30 - 7:30 on Friday evening (21st) and all day Saturday and Sunday 10am to 6pm with a graduation gig on Sunday evening.
What do you do now?
Sign up now for early bird option of only SGD$250
Email Aidan with any questions, aidankillian@hotmail.com
Get ready to bring more laughter into your world!

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